Curriculum and Courses

Major in Healthcare Management - 56 credits

(Minimum at Elms College: 24 credits/Minimum GPA: 2.0)

All courses carry three credits, unless otherwise indicated. 

Business Core Requirements (35 credits)

ACC 201 Accounting I 
ACC 202 Accounting II 
BUS 221 Computer Applications 
BUS 242 Principles of Management 
BUS 248 Global Business Environment 
BUS 252 Principles of Marketing 
BUS 260 Legal Environment of Business
BUS 311 Principles of Financial Management 
BUS 342 Managerial Communications
BUS 480 Business Strategy 
BUS 481 Internship Preparation (1 credit)
ECN 212 Economics II 

Healthcare Management Required Courses 

HTH 200 Introduction to Health Services
HTH 410 Research and Leadership in Health Services
CSD 201 Introduction to CSD
LEG 311 Health Law
HTH 482 Internship

Choose 6 credits from the following:

HTH 250 Operations in Healthcare
HTH 350 Critical Issues in the Administration of Healthcare
LEG 451 Elder Law
PSY 240 Stress and Coping
SWK 303 Mental Health and Mental Illness

Required courses that also satisfy college core requirements (6 credits)

ECN 211 Economics I
MAT 109 Statistics