Humanities and Fine Arts

Human beings strive to understand and explain our material, natural, intellectual, creative, and spiritual worlds. Exploring what it means to be human is the domain of the humanities and arts, consisting of the disciplines of English, fine and performing arts, foreign languages, history, philosophy, and religious studies.

An education in the humanities and fine arts allows you to develop an appreciation of art and literature, examine the role of religion in civilization, understand the past and its relation to the present, contemplate the evolution of ideas, learn about other cultures and languages, and recognize that creativity is central to all human activity. You develop an ability to think critically, analyze complex issues, problem-solve, and write and speak effectively - essential skills in a wide range of professions in today's rapidly changing marketplace.


Upcoming events sponsored by
The Division of Humanities & Fine Arts


Chicopee High School Art Show 

2D & 3D Work by Art Students, grades 9 -12
Borgia Gallery
Artist Reception, June 9th, 5-7pm
Exhibit Open June 3 - 19, 2014

Note:  The Borgia Gallery will be closed for the season beginning June 20th.  
Please check back later this summer for our Fall schedule of exhibits and other upcoming events.


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Humanities and Fine Arts
M. Cristina Canales, Ph.D.