Curriculum and Courses

Your coursework in the bachelor of arts degree in legal studies also earns you a Certificate of Advanced Paralegal Studies.

Major Requirements (52 credits)

All courses carry three credits, unless otherwise indicated.

(Minimum at Elms College: 45 credits/Minimum GPA: 2.67) 

Legal Studies Requirements (31 credits)

LEG 204 Introduction to Legal Studies I 
LEG 205 Introduction to Legal Studies II 
LEG 206 Principles of Litigation 
LEG 295 Gender and Diversity in the Law* 
LEG 333 Computer Assisted Legal Research 
LEG 334 Interviewing & Alternative Dispute Resolution 
LEG 363 Law Office Computer Applications 
LEG 455 Advanced Paralegal Seminar 
LEG 465 Advanced Research and Writing 
LEG 480 Paralegal Internship (4 credits)
*Students may substitute LEG 451 Elder Law.

Legal Specialty (9 credits)
Choose three (LEG 253-495)

Courses from Other Departments (12 credits)
Choose four courses with an ENG, HIS, PHI, PSY, or SOC designation at the 200 level or above, subject to the advisor's approval.


Division of Social Sciences

Department of Criminal Justice and Legal Studies
Jane E. Miliotis, J.D.
Director of Paralegal and Legal Studies