Our MBA is founded in solid knowledge and values, and continuously looks to the future. In order to accommodate our blended format, as well as those students who choose to complete the program online, we utilize the following technologies.


An entirely online course  management system, Moodle enables students and faculty to easily share assignments, lecture files, grades, and any course materials required. It is also a platform for sharing messages and discussions among everyone registered for a class.

Smart Classrooms

All MBA classrooms on our campus are outfitted with SmartBoards that enable instructors to capture everything that happens on their screens and share it live with their students.

Adobe Connect

Through Adobe Connect, the information captured via smartboard can be recorded, along with that day's lecture, and either streamed live to a student in another location, or replayed later on. Even if you miss a class, you will never miss anything.

Apple iPad

The Apple iPad is a great tool for accessing course information anywhere there is wifi access. Most course materials as well as recorded lectures can be viewed on the iPad, and all textbooks are available in iPad-friendly format, so you can travel light and keep your classword close.