Gianna Gorneault ’14 has landed a full-time nursing position and couldn't be happier that she chose Elms College.

For the Love of the Game and Home-Cooked Meals

Gianna Gorneault ’14 planned on being a residential student at a university in eastern Massachusetts when, at the last minute, she had a change of heart.

“I told my mom ‘don’t send the deposit!’ I ended up choosing Elms and I couldn’t be happier,” Gianna said.

Gianna chose Elms College because of the soccer program, the nursing program, and benefit being a commuter and still enjoying mom’s home-cooked meals.

“My mom brought me up to be a people person. I chose nursing because I want to make people feel better, improve their health, and create good relationships along the way,” she said.

Finding Success

On the soccer field, the Springfield native was part of the 2011 squad that won the New England Collegiate Conference championship. In the classroom, Gianna relied on the faculty to get her through some rough patches.

Gianna recalls a particularly difficult first semester in Assistant Professor Patricia Wynne’s class.

“I came to her crying because I was so frustrated. She sat me down, put her hands on my shoulders and said ‘you’re going to do this. You got this far.’

“I can’t express enough how much I love Elms. The faculty are always willing to set a time for you to come see them and be mentors for you,” she said.

The past two years Gianna has worked as a certified nurse’s aid at HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital, where she recently accepted a full-time nursing position.

“Now I can just focus on the NCLEX,” she said.