• 4 for 4: Elms Graduates Succeed

    Elms boasts a 100 percent success rate for PA placement of its 2014 natural sciences undergraduates.
  • Elms students organized Christmas gift drives and sponsorships for needy children

    Students Go 'Full Elf' to Bring Kids Joy

    This Christmas season, Elms College students organized gift sponsorships for needy children served by Homework House in Holyoke and a toy drive to benefit homeless children in Chicopee.
  • Andrew Mercado

    Maguire Winner Lives Charism of the SSJs

    Andrew Mercado '16, recipient of the Bishop Joseph F. Maguire Award, lives his faith through a compassionate heart and peaceful action.
  • Elm STEMs

    New Pathways for STEM Careers

    NSF grants Elms College $600,000 to be awarded in scholarships for STEM students.